What is the Price War? | FIBRE BROADBAND | TIME internet

We all know that World War 2 was the deadliest war in all of human history with around 70 million people killed.
But are you aware that the price war in the economic world can also be very threatening to the people? Well, a price war is a period of fierce competition in which traders lower prices to undercut one another.
In the short term, price wars are good for consumers who can take advantage of lower prices. However, businesses will feel the blow that price war inflicts, which are reduced profit margins and threats to the overall survival.
Fibre Broadband, like it or not, this is inevitable to stay in the market!

Malaysia Fibre Broadband Key Players

Malaysia Fibre Broadband is growing rapidly. There are three main Broadband providers in Malaysia today, namely ‘TM Unifi’, ‘Maxis and ‘TIME. Here is a brief explanation of their offerings (home fibre broadband):


Fibre Broadband


There are few types of offers from different Players;


TM Unifi

Sept 6, 2018 – Unifi Offering 100Mbps Speeds For RM129/mth & 30Mbsps Speed for RM79/mth

Unifi 100Mbps


Unifi 30Mbps


Unifi is Telekom Malaysia’s Broadband offering four different speed packages. In terms of download speed, the packages are similar to Maxis’s – 100Mbps, 30Mbps – but the difference lies in their upload speed. Where Maxis’s packages offer symmetrical upload and download speeds, TM UniFi has asymmetrical speeds, meaning that their upload speed is lower than their download speed.



Aug 20, 2018 – Maxis is the first launched its most affordable Fibre Broadband plan for consumers.

Maxis Fibre Nation 100Mbps

Maxis Fibre Nation 30Mbps

MaxisONE Home Fibre Broadband offering, focusing on customer service and reliability, rather than affordability. You can expect to pay more, but you’ll also get better quality service in return. Currently, Maxis offers four packages under its MaxisONE Home banner, namely MaxisONE Home Fibre


TIME internet

The current price RM149/month for 100Mbps internet speed.


TIME Internet

TIME internet is an established Fibre Broadband provider in Malaysia. Currently, we have three Broadband packages, namely 100Mbps, 300Mbps, and 500Mbps plans. TIME internet accelerates where other providers end – their fastest plan is a whopping 500Mbps plan, which is far ahead of other competitors. However, TIME internet is a pretty much no-frills offering, so you get blazing Internet speeds.

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