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Danauria Building










Building Management Company Name : Perbadanan Pengurusan Pangsapuri Danauria

Danauria is the apartment located at Codrington Avenue, Pulau Tikus, Penang. It was completed built in 1996. There are altogether 24 units housed within the 6 floors tall building, with approximately 4 units on each floor. Danauria which is strategically located in a very convenient area has many amenities such as schools, market, shopping malls and many others, in close proximity to the apartment. Therefore, the residents do not have to worry about anything in the area because everything is easily available in the locality. Apart from that, there is also high-speed TIME fiber internet available in the apartment to enable the residents enjoying the fast internet connection.


Midlands condo

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Midlands Condo











Midlands condo which was built in the year 1996 is located at Jalan Burma, 10350 Pulau Tikus, Penang. It is made up of one condominium block standing at 25 floors tall. The total residential units are 260, on average 12 units per floor. The condominium provides many great facilities for its residents, which include swimming pool, sauna, gymnasium and much more. There is also TIME fiber broadband internet available in the condominium to offer the residents a fast and unlimited internet connection. Besides, the residents residing in Midlands condo are able to enjoy numerous amenities, either be it for everyday purposes or just for recreational fun, such as shopping malls, schools and hospitals.


Moulmein Rise 

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Moulmein Rise

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Moulmein Rise Building










Building Management Contact Number : 0164226006

Building Management Company Name : Belleview Group

Moulmein Rise is the condominium located at Jalan Pasar, Pulau Tikus, Penang. It was completed by the year 2016. This modern luxury high-rise condominium is standing at 27 floors tall. The total condominium units are 84. The condominium offers its residents with well-equipped facilities and of course, there are also internet services such as Maxis Broadband, Streamyx and TIME Internet available here to provide the residents with a good internet connection. Apart from that, schools, shopping centers, wet market, clinics and hospital are all within close proximity to the apartment and can be easily reached by the residents.



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Naninong Building










Contact Number : 016-4175844

Email : [email protected]

Building Name : Badan Pengurusan Bersama Pangsapuri Nibong indah

Naninong is the apartment completed by the year 1995, located at Jalan Cantonment, Pulau Tikus, Penang. It is a low-density apartment with only 11 units housed within the single block of 6 floors tall apartment. Besides the basic facilities such as carpark and 24-hours security, there are internet services likes Maxis Broadband, Streamyx, TM Unifi and TIME Fibre Internet available within the apartment. Apart from that, there are also ample of amenities located in the surrounding of the apartment and among them are the wet market, schools, eateries, restaurants, hypermarket, shopping malls and many others.


Porta Mas

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Porta Mas

TIME internet, Pulau Tikus, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Porta Mas Building










Porta Mas is located at Jalan Yeoh Guan Seok, 10350 Pulau Tikus, Penang. It was built in the year 1992. The apartment is made up of a block of 7 floors tall building. It is a low-density apartment with a total of 14 units only. Each floor comes with 2 units. Although the apartment provides only the basic amenities of parking lots and security guard for 24-hours and does not has the luxurious facilities such as gymnasium, swimming pool and sauna, it has come with the availability of high bandwidth TIME fiber internet which has high-speed up to 1000Mbps. Besides, the amenities such as wet market, restaurants, clinics and malls are also within a close range to the apartment to convenience the residents.


Taman Festival 

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Taman Festival

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Taman Festival Building

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Taman Festival Building










Building Management Contact Number: 04-2284333/0124825515

Taman Festival is located at Jalan Kelawai, Pulau Tikus, Penang. It was built in 1988. It is a high-rise apartment consists of 12 floors. It is a low-density apartment with the total apartment units of 40, which each floor in the apartment hosts 2 units. Taman Festival is located in a strategic location. It is easily accessible through Jalan Kelawai and there are many nearby conveniences which are just stone’s throw distance away from Taman Festival, such as schools, banks, restaurants and medical facilities. Besides, TIME internet is also available here to provide the residents with unlimited and high-speed internet.


The Cantonment 

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The Cantonment

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The Cantonment Building










Building Management Contact Number: 042955987

Manager Contact Number: Agnes Yean / 0122185788

The Cantonment is the high-rise condominium located at Jalan Cantonment, Pulau Tikus, Penang. It was built in the year 2015. There are a total of 71 units spread out over a 32 floors tall tower. Each floor comes with approximately 2 units, to ensure the residents’ maximum privacy. The residents residing in the condominium are able to enjoy the TIME fiber broadband internet which has a strong connection and high-speed up to 1Gbps. Besides, its strategic location which is well connected to the pulse of Penang enables the residents to have immediate access to the amenities, such as schools, banks, shopping malls, eateries and restaurants. It is very convenient for the residents.


Villa Indah

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Villa Indah

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Villa Indah Building

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Villa Indah Building










Villa Indah is located at Jalan Yeoh Guan Seok, 10350 Pulau Tikus, Penang. It was built in the year 1993 and has been repainted in the year 2008. The apartment consists of a single block of 8 floors tall building. There are total units of 20 housed within the apartment, with 3 units per floor. The apartment is located within an excellent location. The area is surrounded with plenty of amenities, such as schools, market, shopping malls and eateries. Besides, TIME broadband internet which performs high-speed and strong internet connection is also available within the apartment to enhance the residents’ browsing experience.


To sign up and for further inquiry about TIME Broadband, call the number 017-4338888.

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