3 Things You Need To Think About Before Renting A House / Apartment / Condo

Getting ready to move out of home and into a new place while many things to think about is very annoying and head spinning. Here are the 3 things you need to consider before renting your house/apartment/condo:


  • Location

time internet penang coverage

Find for a strategic location

Location selection is very important. Before you choose your rental area, truly consider where it is located. Ideally, it is better for the place to be as close as possible to the working unit so that you don’t have to spend too much time on the road every day. Besides, it needs to have the public amenities within the locality of the rental area to convenient the daily needs, such as grocery stores, restaurants, shopping mall and much more. Of course, it is even better to find a house which offers Wi-Fi usage or the area has the coverage of several internet providers. So that easier and enhances your daily browsing experience. Well, you also need to consider either landed properties or high-rise buildings you want to rent, since some of the internet service providers are still location dependent, such as TIME fiber internet which currently is only available in high-rise buildings.


  • Cost

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Think about the rental cost

Before you rent your house, you need to know how much your budget will be and make sure you afford it. It is better for you to find a house/apartment/condo which the rental fee has included the utilities, such as electricity, water and internet.


  • Internet service availability

isp internet

Internet Service Providers

The most important consideration for people nowadays, INTERNET, INTERNET, INTERNET. Internet is indispensable in our daily lives nowadays. Find out every internet providers’ coverage and availability in your rental area to easier the usage of internet afterward, since some of them are still location dependent, such as TIME internet which is a fiber optic connection network is currently only available in the high-rise buildings. The area which provides high bandwidth internet will bring many benefits and convenience to the residents. With the higher bandwidth internet, it can fasten the data transfer speed and allow for the simultaneous concurrent sessions.