Superfast internet is now expected from Malaysian broadband companies by a society that wants things fast, and wants things now. In today’s digital age, time is of the essence. It’s all about speed. Instant gratification is key. Gone are the days of sending images and files in low-res via email and transferring files at snail speed.

What led us to this era of superfast internet? Fibre broadband makes high speed broadband a reality. Fibre optics broadband is the fastest solution that exists today. For us, this just means that we can now connect to the internet faster than before, in the blink of an eye. Complex apps now run easily and security is enhanced for netizen’s safety. As a result, we can now increase productivity by getting more done in a shorter time, businesses boom, people are generally happier as superfast fibre broadband frees up our time.

How Fast Is Malaysia’s Internet Speed vs The World?

A recent internet speed test conducted has shown that Malaysia ranks among the Top 30 fastest internet speeds in the world. Malaysia is currently ranked as the 26th fastest internet speed country in the world, with an average speed of 61.971Mbps. This improved speed is good news to all Malaysians. Digital nomads and everyone in Malaysia can now browse the internet, watch a movie, download and upload media at significantly higher speeds compared to the past.

So, which country has the fastest internet speed?

According to the research results published by Atlas & Boots in 2019, Taiwan has overtaken Singapore and now has the fastest internet speed in the world. Taiwan boasts an average speed of 85.02mbps. Yemen, on the other hand, has the slowest internet speed in the world with a poor average speed of just 0.37Mbps.

Which Broadband Company Gives Us The Fastest Internet Speed In Malaysia?

The main telco providers in Malaysia – Celcom broadband, Astro IPTV, Unifi broadband, Maxis broadband and TIME broadband – all have fast internet speeds of 100 Mbps and above. Which is the fastest speed? 300 Mbps? 500 Mbps? 800 Mbps?

fibre broadband 1Gbps

Fibre broadband connection up to 1Gbps

TIME broadband has created headlines yet again in mid-2019 by upping their game – TIME now offers a gargantuan 1 Gbps superspeed internet to all Malaysians! That’s not all. They make this affordable for all by pricing it at just RM199 a month.

With this giant leap in internet speed, entrepreneurs, gamers and stay-home mums and dads can all rejoice. Simply because we can all complete more tasks in a much shorter time. It’s good news for everyone. Your productivity will skyrocket! Businesses will prosper. Online businesses will change the way people work and do business Work-from-home mums (and dads) can spend more time with their children.

Now you can transfer huge files at superspeed. Stream movies flawlessly. Upload large media into cloud storage and Youtube without having to wait until the cows come home. Superspeed internet also enables data backup in real-time, a smoother gaming experience.

And much, much, more…

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