Fibre Broadband 30 Mbps To 1 Gbps Internet Speed, Nationwide Coverage By 2020

Cheaper Fibre Broadband

In response to our Government’s drive for high speed broadband, Malaysian Internet Service Providers are stepping up their efforts to give us faster internet speed at lower prices, packed with more features in time to come.  

Malaysia’s Communications and Multimedia Director, Gobind Singh Deo recently announced that our Government has approved an RM21.6 billion budget to ensure that every single person in the country can have equal access to the internet. This incentive under the National Fiberisation And Connectivity Plan (NFCP) aims to bring internet coverage throughout Malaysia, in towns big and small, and close the huge digital gap that currently exists. Whilst metropolitan cities like Kuala Lumpur and Penang are well connected, there is a glaring lack of internet coverage in rural areas and the smaller towns of Malaysia.

Broadband Telco

Malaysia’s Leading Telco Fibre Broadband Providers

In this digital age, being able to connect to the internet is no longer a choice, but is an absolute necessity for us to stay competitive on a global scale. Soon, each and every Malayian can finally enjoy equal internet access wherever they are, do more in a shorter time with high speed broadband, and truly embrace  all the cutting edge convenience of the digital era.

With the implementation of the NFCP, Gobind is confident Malaysia will have nationwide internet coverage by 2020, with internet speed of at least 30 mbps in populated areas and 1 Gigabit speed or more in all state capitals by 2023.

High Speed Broadband: Towards A Fully Developed Nation

Combining fibre optics and wireless connectivity, people in remote parts of Malaysia will soon be able to experience high speed broadband. TIME internet, Maxis broadband, Maxis Fibrenation, Celcom broadband, Unifi broadband and Astro iptv have stepped up their efforts to bring us all faster internet at a lower price.

This means Malaysians can now compare prices and internet plans among Malaysia’s leading Internet Service Providers.

The stage is set for Malaysians to enjoy full internet coverage with high speed fibre broadband. With the world’s infrastructure changing at the speed of light, so must internet speed and connectivity improve. Full broadband coverage nationwide would enable Malaysia to stay on track to becoming a fully developed nation and to remain competitive on a global scale.

Right now, internet connection speed of 30 Mbps is available in most towns, priced below RM100. 1 Gbps is availale in most of Cyberjaya, home of Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor.

What Are The Leading Fibre Broadband Providers In Malaysia Offering Now?

TIME Fibre Broadband

TIME broadband has raised the bar in providing high speed fibre broadband at low prices. The minimum internet speed offered is 100 Mbps, at an affordable RM99 a month. If you top up just 100 ringgit more, you will get to experience 1 Gbps of internet speed! Currently, TIME broadband is the only fibre broadband provider in Malaysia giving home and businesses 1 Gbps, the fastest internet speed in Malaysia. 500 Mbps is priced in-between, at RM129.

time broadband Fibre internet

TIME Fibre Home Broadband internet packages.

Astro IPTV |  Astro & Broadband

Astro IPTV gives you massive savings on your cable tv and internet bills. At just RM89 a month, you get to save up to RM120 and enjoy Family Pack + 30 Mbps of home broadband. Top up 40 ringgit more and you get the same package, with 100 Mbps of internet speed. Both come with free Astro GO and HD service and unlimited downloading.

It gets even better. Astro has recently teamed up with Maxis Home Broadband to bring you the newly launched Astro & Broadband. For just RM99 a month, you get 30 Mbps of internet speed on top Family Pack, free Astro GO, HD service and unlimited downloading. You get to save up to RM840 in 24 months!

Astro Maxis Broadband

Astro IPTV and the new Astro & Broadband cost saving packages.

Maxis Fibrenation
Maxis Fibrenation brings you high fibre broadband with internet speeds ranging from 30 Mbps to 800 Mbps.  30 Mbps retails at just RM89; 100 Mbps at RM129; 300 Mbps at RM149; 500 Mbps at RM219 and 800 Mbps at RM299 a month.

Home Fibre Broadband

Maxis Broadband offers you different Home Fibre Broadband internet plans.

Celcom Fibre Broadband

Celcom Home Broadband plans come in 2 packages. 30 Mbps at RM80 a month, and 100 Mbps at RM120. You also get a free fibre modem and wi-fi router plus unlimited downloading with both plans.

Fibre Home Broadband

Celcom brings you no-fuss, high speed Fibre Home Broadband Plans at affordable prices.

Unifi Home Broadband

Choose from 3 available Unifi Unifi Home Broadband internet packages. RM79 a month for 30 Mbps; RM129 for 100 Mbps; or RM199 for 300 Mbps for a faster surfing experience and get more done, for less.

Unifi Home Broadband

Turbo upgrade your Home Broadband with Unifi.

To find out which high speed broadband provider offers the best coverage in your area, call 017-433-8888 today. You can expect a hassle-free experience and super fast installation.







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