IXORA APARTMENT JMB Office Contact Number | TIME Broadband

Building Management Manager
Contact Number : 03-62623885
Address : [email protected]
The manger is quite friendly nice guy.


We would like to thank you to Ixora Apartment Building Management & Committee member for allowing us to add on more internet port for high-speed internet to the residences.

So most of the residence now on can enjoy High-Speed internet up to 1Gbps

Firstly, Ixora Apartment is a breath-taking development that targets high-end customers. Secondly, all the space in the built-up area comes as fully furnished with trending and innovative furnishings. Thirdly,  most of the furnishings including designer furniture and Bosch appliances are exotic. After that, what makes the Ixora Apartment even better is that the interior designs for the suites are customized, and there is a wide range to choose from, each with a personalized identity and concept. In addition Ixora Apartment  to the top of the range interior furnishings, the proprietors have catered the residents residing in the condominium with the splendid facilities. Moreover, The property has high sales turnover due to its convenient location.

In conclusion, there are numerous first-rate amenities located at a short distance of approximately ten to fifteen minutes and they include the Metro Prima shopping centre, Aeon BIG, Aeon, Station One café, Pizza Hut, KFC, Old Town White coffee, and McDonald’s. In addition, there are numerous eateries and restaurants situated at a stone’s throw away distance.

TIME internet!!!

  • No quota. No unnecessary add-ons. Only expert service, super speeds and competitive prices.
  • As the only full-fibre network provider in Malaysia, we can ensure your surfing experience is second to none.
  • With speeds up to 1Gbps, we’re the fastest broadband provider to multi-dwelling units. Goodbye, slow downloads!


Faster come and apply TIME Internet at Infinity Tower , feel the quality. Apply call/WhatsApp 0174738888

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