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Building Management Manager
Contact Number : 03-80810302
The manger is quite friendly nice guy.

We would like to thank Kenanga Apartment management and committee  for grant TIME internet to provide high-speed internet which we can do on time. Feel the quality with TIME internet.

About Main Place Residence

Firstly, main Place Residence is a beautifully constructed serviced residence located in USJ. Developed by Bina Puri developer group who has a great reputation for developing beautiful constructions. Secondly, It is a great place to live and enjoy your life . Moreover,  the construction of this development was completed in 2014 .

In additionally, main Place Residence is a great place to live and enjoy your life. Therefore, it is surrounded by a variety of residents can enjoy every moment living in this development.  After that, there are around 15-20 famous schools just fifteen-minute drive from the development and are providing top quality education to children of the locality. Moreover, there are many famous colleges and universities available in the locality as well, such as SEGi College, Taylors College, &  Monash University.  In conclusion, the residents do not have to worry about the education of their children at any level and the children of the residents can get high quality international level education.

TIME !!!

  • Sign up for the 500Mbps or 1Gbps 24-month contract plan online
  • Show us how you use TIME Internet to do wonders from home
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Faster come and apply TIME Internet at Kenanga Apartment , feel the quality and call/WhatsApp 0174738888.