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Building Management Manager
Contact Number : 03-97701099
Email Address :
Address : Level G-01, Management Office, No 1 Jalan Bakti 56000 Kuala Lumpur.
The manger is quite friendly nice guy.

We appreciating  Residensi Razakmas 1 Building Management &  Committee member for allowing us to provide high-speed internet at their residence with TIME internet .

About Residensi Razakmas 1

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Firstly,  in the end, it is always about the the location, the affordability, and the quality of the project that makes it a sell-out success.

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Secondly, Residensi Razakmas 1 by Amber Homes Development Sdn Bhd hit the market in January 2015 and within days of its news in the grapevine, all the units were snapped up…all the units except the Bumi lots, that is.

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Moreover,  for those who qualify ─ here’s your chance if you’ve missed the boat. After that, there are quite a number of Bumi lots left actually and they come with an additional discount with an even lower price.

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In conclusion,  if the lots are still available by the time the project reaches at least 50% of completion, and provided permission is granted to convert the status of the lots, there might be good news for everybody else too.

TIME Internet

  • Stream more, download more, play more on multiple devices, all at the same time.
  • High-performance dedicated broadband service.
  • Domestic and global connections. Flexible and customizable.

TIME Package 

Faster come and apply TIME Internet at Residensi Razakmas 1, feel the quality. Apply call/WhatsApp 0123682222