Gurney Beach Resort Management Office | TIME 100% Fibre Building

Building Management Manager

Persiaran Gurney, Penang 10250 Malaysia

We would like to thank you to Gurney Beach Resort & Committee member for allowing us to add on more internet port for high-speed internet to the residences TIME Internet

About Gurney Beach Resort

Gurney Beach astro broadband rm99 review

Gurney Beach Resort was developed strategically keeping in mind the importance of accessibility of the location. Secondly, the residents do not have to worry about moving to and from the location even if they do not have their own vehicles. Thirdly, the development is easily accessible via major roads and highways of the area. Public transportation is also available in the area and the residents can use taxis and buses to move to and from the location easily. TIME Internet


Gurney Beach astro broadband rm99 review

This building provides other facilities and features as well, such as a wading pool, a tennis court, a swimming pool and a great gymnasium equipped with latest exercising machines where the residents can work out while remaining in the development and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Moreover,  the development also provides complete parking facility for its residents. Most importantly, the development is equipped with modern security gadgets and provides 24 hour security to its residents to make sure that the residents are protected from any kind of external threats while they are in the development.

TIME Internet

  • Stream more, download more, play more on multiple devices, all at the same time.
  • High-performance dedicated broadband service.
  • Domestic and global connections. Flexible and customizable.

TIME Package 


Faster come and apply TIME Internet at Gurney Beach Resort, feel the quality. Apply call/WhatsApp 0174338888

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