High-speed internet access is now a critical part of life, Without broadband access, everyone from farmers to students suffer.

Finally, High-speed Internet is available in Malaysia up to 1000Mbps through TIME Broadband.

Everything seems cool and is going well, then suddenly it wants to take things slow… or stop things completely?!
Why would you do this to me?
What Just Happened?
When it buffers every 3 minutes and you just can’t enjoy.

If you need high-speed Internet and are lucky enough to be covered by TIME, we’ve got some awesome news for you!

Here’s what you get when you switch to TIME:

Total freedom with no usage limits
Symmetrical upload and download speeds
The ability for not only you but also everyone in your household to perform a multitude of online activities AT THE SAME TIME
Interested to find out more? Of course, you are! Get up to speed here.

Say hello to the high-speed Internet!
Find out more about TIME Fibre Home Broadband now.

See the speed test result up to 1000Mbps sees the result. 


500Mbps High Speed internet in Malaysia

TIME internet Fibre broadband services in Malaysia TIME internet offering is significantly cheaper Home Fibre Broadband speeds up to 500Mbps. 500mbps this change everything allow you to enjoy amazing speed at [...]

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