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Say hello to next-generation WiFi 6

We’ve been constantly improving our technology to provide you with the best WiFi router available. Now, we’re thrilled to offer our new customers the latest and greatest WiFi 6, completely free! Upgrade now to experience lightning-fast internet speeds and reliable connectivity

Which WiFi devices do you use NOW?

TIME internet wifi router

How often should you upgrade your WiFi router?

Are you tired of dealing with slow internet and poor WiFi signal? Don’t settle for outdated technology! Upgrade to WiFi 6 and experience lightning-fast speeds, increased reliability, and better performance for all your connected devices. Don’t wait any longer – apply now and join the thousands of satisfied customers enjoying the benefits of the latest WiFi technology

Why my wifi keep disconnecting

It could be due to a weak Wi-Fi signal caused by various factors such as distance from your router, obstructions, or interference from other networks. If your router is old, it may be time to consider upgrading to a new Wi-Fi 6 router for better performance and reliability

What is the difference between WiFi 5 vs WiFi 6

WiFi 6 has the ability to support more devices and data traffic simultaneously compared to WiFi 5. It can achieve faster speeds and a more stable connection, especially in high-density environments like apartment buildings or offices with many devices connecting to the same WiFi network. With WiFi 6, your devices can communicate with your router more efficiently and effectively, resulting in a smoother and more seamless internet experience.

The customer experience

I recently had some trouble with my home Wi-Fi connection. I noticed that the signal was weak and I was experiencing frequent drops in connection. After some research, I realized that my Wi-Fi router was outdated and only supported the older Wi-Fi 5 technology.

I reached out to my internet service provider and they recommended upgrading to a new Wi-Fi 6 router. They explained that Wi-Fi 6 offers faster and more reliable speeds, especially in multi-device households like mine. They also mentioned that Wi-Fi 6 has more streams than Wi-Fi 5, which means my devices have more paths to communicate with the router.

I became a new customer of TIME Internet recently, after experiencing poor and unreliable Wi-Fi signals in my home. Despite being a loyal customer since 2018, I found out that the new WiFi 6 upgrade was only being offered to new customers, with more attractive promotional offers and freebies.

So, I decided to apply as a new customer and take advantage of the new promo, which gave me more value for my money and additional freebies. I am now enjoying faster internet speeds and more reliable connectivity thanks to the WiFi 6 upgrade, and I am happy with my decision to switch to TIME Internet.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of issues with my WiFi 5 router lately. The signal was constantly dropping, and I couldn’t get a reliable connection in certain areas of my home. I contacted the customer support team, and they were incredibly helpful in explaining that my router may be too old to handle the demands of my household.

They suggested upgrading to the new WiFi 6 certified router, and even offered to provide it for free with my subscription. Since upgrading, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my internet speed and signal strength. My entire household can now connect multiple devices without any issue, and we’re all very happy with the upgrade.

Thank you, TIME Internet, for providing exceptional customer service and for helping me improve my home internet experience!